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The Leaders of Learning is Southeast Asia’s Leading Podcast Show about learning in the 21st century. Through interviews with leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and many more, Ling Ling explores the technology, methodologies and insights of learning for personal and organisational development.

  • The Leaders of Learning podcast reached No 1 on iTunes for Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Malaysia
  • The show reached No 2 on iTunes for The Philippines and Singapore
  • Featured on iTunes since July 2018
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  • 100k downloads in 1 year of launch
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A Great Interviewer

I came to the blog due to the episode featuring Andrea Edwards – a long time friend and mentor of mine. I have to say, I’m a new fan. I listen to alot of podcasts, its replaced reading and music in my life (fortunately/unfortunately). I could listen to Andrea talk for hours, she has such a wealth of knowledge and experience but the most pleasant surprise was the beautiful presence of Ling Ling – a great interviewer who was well researched and naturally inquisitive. Subscribing!

– fotojennic, Australia –


Very Informative Podcast

I learn from these sessions and reflect on my own gap for future growth. I have gained many ideas which helps me to understand where I am in my own career as a leader and refine my forward looking goals. Thanks Ling-Ling.

– Rpdt, USA –



This podcast series is extremely good in education or even touching subjects you’ve always been curious in before. This is a great way to use your time doing something that is beneficial rather than mindlessly do useless actions.

– Prince1man, Malaysia –


A very interesting podcast about education and development

Thanks a lot Ling Ling for having created this podcast from which we can learn much of things. Actually I’ve discovered you recently and I appreciated the realistic and philosophical approaches of your podcast and I enjoy them profoundly.

– Vietnamita251, France –

Latest Episodes

Executive Presence with Rohit Bassi

Rohit Bassi is a TEDx and Global Professional Speaker based in Dubai. He speaks to us about how you can develop your executive presence to become successful in your career and your life. 

Taking Social Connections Offline with Marie Nadal Sharma

Marie Nadal Sharma is the Founder and Director of Them You & Me digital marketing agency. She shares her expertise on how to leverage on social media connections and eventually take it offline.

Coaching Education Technology with Steven Sutantro

Steven Sutantro is the Lead Coach at Tech Transform Coach. He shares his experiences as an Educational Technology Coach and how he helps institutions and organisations be tech ready.

Developing Hybrid Careers with Philippa Penfold

Philippa Penfold is the CEO and Co-founder of People Collider. She shares her experience in having a Hybrid Career and how to develop one for your advantage.

Curing Toxic Cultures with Ashok Miranda

Ashok Miranda is the founder of Transform and Transcend. He joins us and shares how to determine and cure a toxic company culture.

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