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In 2017, Ling Ling decided to leave the corporate life to become a solopreneur. With her decade-long and global experiences in learning and development, she wanted to help organisations foster a learning culture and improve employee engagement. 

However, she discovered that many organisations had fixed mindset…

“learning can only happens in the traditional classroom.”

Determined to show that learning can happen at anytime and anywhere, she started the “Leaders of Learning” podcast show. 

It was her way to help organisations learn.


About The Leaders of Learning Podcast

The Leaders of Learning is a show about learning in the 21st century. Through interviews with leaders, entrepreneurs and educators, Ling Ling explores the technology, trends, and insights of learning for personal and organisational development.

Let’s hear from your host, Ling Ling, as she talks about her motivation behind this podcast and what you can expect from this upcoming season.

Your Podcast Host – Ling Ling, Tai

Ling Ling is seasoned learning and development professional. For over a decade, she has designed, delivered and implemented learning initiatives in 21 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and USA in manufacturing, consumer electronics, education, humanitarianism and travel. Her dual background in psychology and engineering bridges the complexities of human behaviour and the fast-paced changes of technology.

As an Intercultural Strategist, Ling Ling helps talents and organisations foster successful collaborations and build dispersed and cross-culture teams to ensure continued business success in a globalised environment.

She is currently based in Singapore and Malaysia.

The Podcast Team – Sheen Galupo

Sheen has a degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising from the Philippines. She works remotely as a Social Media Manager and a Copywriter, virtually assisting clients globally.

She is currently based in the Philippines.

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