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About JC Sekar

JC is the CEO and co-founder of AcuiZen Technologies, a Singapore-founded venture which focuses on assisting people and enterprises tackle challenges resulting from the dynamic nature of work. JC is a seasoned techno-commercial business professional.

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About this Episode

The term Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been widely used since the last century. However, it’s in these recent years that we’ve seen huge progress in this space. The term artificial intelligence is when machines mimic humans and their ways of thinking and behaving, such as learning and problem solving.

In 2001, Steven Spielberg directed a film called AI, where a robot named David, in the form of a boy, had an unquenchable need for his mother’s love and sought across time. The journey of David, a life-like robot, stirred fear and caught the imagination of audiences worldwide at the turn of the century. That was 17 years ago. Today, researchers have created robots that are advanced enough to hold conversations and express emotions.

But has AI has become part of our lives? Or are we still a long way to go? How will this impact us? Will AI truly take over our jobs and our learning?

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