Asian Leadership

Samuel Kim

President and Co-Founder

Center of Asia Leadership

Leaders are everywhere. They can be your manager, your company CEO, your sports team leader, your parents and even yourself.

But describing leadership can be complex. Many management and leadership gurus offer models and framework to help describe and develop our leaders. However, much of these leadership models are based on the behaviors and styles of leaders from the western world. In Asia, leaders behave differently. Depending on where you come from, their leadership styles can be vastly diverse, contrasting and even counter-intuitive.

What makes Asian leaders unique? How do we become leaders in Asia? How can we nurture our emerging leaders in Asia?

About Samuel Kim

Samuel is the Co-Founder and President of The Centre for Asia Leadership. Prior to establishing CALI, Samuel worked for 14 years in a wide range of sectors, from strategy consulting and social entrepreneurship to international development, politics, and government. He has worked for and with over 30 renowned organizations, including the United Nations, UNESCO, Samsung, and Toyota.

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • How the term Leadership is defined
  • Learning about the similarities and differences of Asian Leadership and Western Leadership
  • What is the Asian style of Leadership
  • Identifying the important skills required to become a Leader
  • How companies could help foster and develop leaders within the organization

Beautiful Quotes

  • Leadership is about paying attention to collective problems. Problems don’t just affect one person, it affects everyone.
  • As a leader, you need to be flexible and be keen to adopt new things of doing things in this rapidly changing world.
  • To become a leader, begin with working on yourself. Cultivate a learning mindset, discipline and stewardship.

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