Building Relationship Capital

Annie Yahaya

Founder of Vital Voices Asia

Co-Founder of Coach Work Asia

When we talk about our assets, quite often, we think about the things we own, like our house or car, or the money we have in our bank accounts and in our wallets.

Very rarely we think about our intangibles. One of which are the relationships we’ve built over our entire lives. When wisely cultivated, our relationships can be our greatest asset in building our careers and enriching our lives.

How can one build his or her own relationship capital? How do you assess your relationships?

About Annie Yahaya

Annie is the founder of Vital Voices Asia and the co-founder of Coach Work Asia, she talks about her stories of how her rich relationship capital helped her in work and life. She also shares her tips on how to build your own relationship capital based from her experiences. She calls herself a “Strategic Connector.”

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • What it means to be a Strategic Connector?
  • How to create deep relationships
  • Establishing expectations from people you just met
  • How relationship building affects your professional career
  • Why having relationships is a psychological need
  • How to build your relationship capital as an investment
  • What it means to have a successful relationship

Beautiful Quotes

  • Network building is not natural for a lot of people. You should make an effort to build you network.
  • A successful relationship involves a meaningful connection between two people or more that fulfils the needs of both or all sides.
  • Everyone who crosses our paths have something to teach us.

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