Coaching Education Technology

Steven Sutantro

Lead Coach at Tech Transform Coach

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With a quick search online, you’ll find an overwhelming number of mobile apps and software that support learning and education. According to Business Wire, the Global Online Education Market stands at 159.52 billion dollars in 2018 and it is expected to grow to 238 billion dollars in the year 2023. That is a lot of investment going into education technology!

However, there is also a growing body of research that suggests certain skills cannot be taught with technology, such as communication, leadership and so forth.

How do we know whether the technology we are using helps us upgrade our skills? Or is technology merely a shiny gadget that distracts us from our goals?


About Steven Sutantro

Steven Sutantro is a multi-awarded Educational Technology Coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic and many more. Specializing in managing educational technology professional development and change management, he is currently the Lead Coach at Tech Transform Coach, whose mission is to catalyse digital transformation in corporate, university, and school.


In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • What it’s like to be an Educational Technology Coach
  • Identifying what kind of technology can be used by an EdTech Coach in a learning setting
  • Learning about how effective technology helps enhance learning experiences
  • What industries are most likely to adopt technology in their businesses and how it benefits them
  • How other members of the organisation could support in the transition of using technology in learning or productivity

Beautiful Quotes

  • Technology alone will not succeed without strong leadership supervision and personal development training which can support the use of technology.
  • Build your ‘Champions Team’ to spread innovation and continuously use technology in your organisation.
  • Although we have video calls and chat apps, compassion is still best shown on a first-hand basis– face to face.

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