Curing Toxic Cultures with Ashok Miranda

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About Ashok Miranda

Ashok Miranda is a Business Transformation Architect and the founder of Transform and Transcend. He is also a sought-after speaker, consultant, trainer and author for the book called Culling Culturitis. The book talks about how to spot early signs of toxic culture infestation, how to take corrective action fast, and a step by step guide to creating your winning company culture and much more.

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About this Episode

There is a high price to pay when organisations become toxic. Toxic cultures can severely impact the well-being of its employees and the organisation, such as high employee turnover, lower levels of productivity, losing talents and clients or even attracting lawsuits due to unaddressed discrimination, abuse, scandals or corruption. 

Some famous examples are Uber, under the leadership of Travis Kalanick and Theranos, under the leadership of Elizabeth Holmes the blood company technology that never happened.

If toxic cultures are so bad for business, why does it take so long for toxicity to be recognised? What are the tell-tale signs? How can we prevent organisations from becoming toxic?

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