How Diversity Impacts the Bottom Line

Ling Ling Tai

Interculturalist and Founder of Culture Spark Global

As we interview powerful and inspirational women from the Women’s Forum Asia event in Singapore, we had a one on one session with the host of the French Tech Podcast, Nikolaj Groeneweg to talk about developing cultural intelligence.

Our living spaces and workplaces are increasingly multicultural. A multicultural environment does not guarantee success. Without cultural sensitivity, awareness and intelligence, diversity can affect the team’s internal relationships and performance. 

Does diversity in your organisation’s help to foster a more inclusive workplace and improve performance?


About Ling Ling Tai

Ling Ling is the host of the Leaders of Learning Podcast and founder of Culture Spark Global, that helps companies and organisations do better cross-cultural collaborations. She is Facilitator and Consultant with over 12 years of experience in the Technology and Travel sectors. Having lived and worked up in Malaysia, Australia, Canada, USA, UK and now in Singapore, Ling Ling has a deep understanding and vast experience of living and working across various cultures. Her multicultural experiences fuels her mission to build positive, inclusive and thriving organisations that brings out the best of everyone.


In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • What is the definition of Cultural Intelligence
  • Recognising the importance of Cultural Intelligence in making better decisions within the company 
  • How Culture Spark Global helps teams and organisations develop their Cultural Intelligence and the Cultural Knowledge
  • How the Leaders of Learning Podcast drives diversity and inclusion into the podcasting community

Beautiful Quotes

  • With technology and globalisation, our society is not as homogenous as before. It is increasingly diverse.
  • If you take care of your employees, your clients will be happy. 

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