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Developing Hybrid Careers with Philippa Penfold

Leaders of Learning – presented by Ling Ling

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About Philippa Penfold

Philippa Penfold, or simply known as Pip, has 20 years of corporate HR experience before embarking on her hybrid career journey. In the course of Pip’s HR work, she spent endless hours supporting the learning and development of employees and has seen the change from career ladders to hybrid careers first-hand. Today, Pip brings together HR & Tech through research and education to help HR build future workplaces we all want to work in.

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Career development used to be a straightforward and predictable path. If you had chosen a degree in accounting, you’ll become an accountant. If you chose a degree in medicine, you’ll eventually become a doctor.

In recent years, we see careers such as social media manager, data scientist, blockchain developer, fintech, AR artist and many more. They emerge where no degree had existed that could prepare anyone for. No longer are careers about climbing ladders, rather, it has become a mosaic of skills and interests. A hybrid of multiple skill sets converge to create new roles that never existed before. Therein lies endless possibilities in shaping one’s career.

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