Developing the Next Generation of Asian Female Leaders in Tech with Sara Cheng

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About Sara Cheng

Sara Cheng is the Chief Executive Officer of Fuji Xerox Singapore. She is responsible for the company’s overall strategic growth and further strengthening its customer commitment, digital transformation and employee engagement. She brings with her 25 years of experience in general management, business development and consulting. Sara is a veteran in building teams and organizations, and establishing collaborative leadership models in large companies.

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About this Episode

Through the years, we are seeing more women in non-traditional industries rising up to become top management. Today, many are starting their own businesses. 

The success in recent years is not necessarily due to gender parity. We just need to give equal opportunities for all genders.

One such example is Sara Cheng, CEO of Fuji Xerox Singapore. Being a CEO of a multinational tech company is a big responsibility and a tough job. But being an Asian woman CEO dominating the tech industry, is solid proof that gender and cultural background does not hinder her path to becoming a successful leader. 

What do women need to prepare in order to survive the business and tech industries? Are women more confident now than the last decades? 

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