Effective Knowledge Transfer

MayLyn Tan

Head of Academic Development

Singapore Institute of Management

To become an expert, the most logical step is to engage an industry expert to support those who are less skilled. They are the best people to do the job. We find out that  experts and learners alike encounter some challenges in the transfer of expertise.

While knowledge transfer can be challenging, it also can be extremely rewarding for both expert and learners when done successfully. 

How do experts overcome these challenges? What constitutes good teaching?

About MayLyn Tan

MayLyn is the Head of Academic Development for the Singapore Institute of Management and she will share her views and experiences in supporting industry experts in effective transfer of expertise.

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • The concept of good teaching and how to prepare your students for the real world
  • Identifying the challenges that experts face in transferring their expertise
  • How to assess the effectiveness of the expert’s teaching techniques
  • Learning about the various activities and programs fellow educators do to support each other
  • An educator’s tips on how experts could effectively transfer expertise to their students

Beautiful Quotes

  • Our beliefs in what “good teaching” is… will affect the way on how we deliver our lessons.
  • Teaching is fundamentally a social process.
  • Experts need to update their learning in order to be valuable for students in a rapidly changing world.

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