Emotional Literacy

Eva San

Seasoned Art Therapist

The world has become increasingly interconnected, yet our individual lives seem to be ever more isolated. People glued to their smartphones, tablets or laptops at almost all hours of the day, ignoring the people around them. Each of us walking about in our technological bubble.

Does this stunt our capacity as individuals and as a society to connect with each other on an emotional level?

How can we constructively express our emotions and improve our emotional literacy?


 About Eva San

Eva is an experienced art therapist based in Singapore. She has experience working with children with trauma, elderly with dementia and people with physical disabilities. She is also a dear friend from our younger days in Malaysia.


In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • Learning about Emotional Literacy
  • Why Emotional Literacy (EL) is important to one’s life
  • What it’s like to be a High EL person
  • How to deal with Low EL moments
  • Identifying the reasons why some people have difficulty in expressing their emotions
  • How one’s cultural background affects their Emotional Literacy
  • How to deal with unhealthy emotions
  • How could Art Therapy help in the development of one’s Emotional Literacy


Beautiful Quotes

  • Be aware on how you want to use your time and technology–do you want to use it to connect or disconnect? It’s your choice on how you want to use it.
  • Emotion is a good tool for us to learn about our needs. It is a tool that makes us think about our wants and desires.



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Hosts & Guest

Eva San

Ling Ling Tai

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