Executive Presence

Rohit Bassi

TEDx and Global Professional Speaker

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Some call it charisma. Others call it gravitas. There are people who carry an aura or energy that charms and attracts. And you can’t help but listen, follow and perhaps be persuaded by them. 

Their presence commands attention, even without saying a word. As a leader, having such presence commands respect and credibility which helps to influence others to work towards your vision. 

But not all of us are gifted with such presence. But can anyone learn this? Do leaders need the executive presence to be successful? Will having this help me in advancing my career? 


About Rohit Bassi

Rohit Bassi or Roi is a TEDx and Global Professional Speaker based in Dubai and has inspired countless number of people to success. Roi has a background in senior management on client and customer service and has supported over 100 businesses across 40 different countries. He also co-authors the best-selling book, Success Mastery.

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • What is the definition of Executive Presence
  • How to obtain I.C.E. (Intelligence, Communication and Emotional Wisdom) in order to build your credibility
  • Recognising the importance of Executive Presence for a leader to become successful
  • How is Executive Presence translated across various cultures and organisations
  • Identifying what personal skills and strengths you have to develop your Executive Presence
  • What are the common pitfalls when someone is developing their Executive Presence
  • What available resources are there to learn about Executive Presence for your personal application

Beautiful Quotes

  • Authentic people are people who are mature and will not take offence if you were to give them feedback.

  • No two people are the same, we’re all unique. We as humans need to adapt to each other, to be flexible and versatile.

  • Go to someone you trust and ask them for a ‘feedforward’, not a feedback or criticism– on how you could amplify your intellect, communication and the emotional wisdom.


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