Games-Based Learning

Siddarth Jain

Creative Director of Playware Studios

Games are prevalent, we play it on our laptops, consoles and even carry it around in our pockets. From the days of Tetris and Super Mario, the global gaming industry today is worth 109 billion dollars, with mobile games taking 42% of the market.

Along with its rapid growth, corporate learning and educational institutions have adopted various game-based methods and technology as tools for teaching.

But, can we effectively learn from games?

About Siddarth Jain

Siddarth Jain is the founder and Creative Director of Playware Studios, a game-based learning company here in Singapore. He’s been in the games industry for decades and is now focused on interactive learning through games.

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • The principles of using game technologies and methodologies for learning
  • How to learn more effectively using games
  • What the pros and cons of using games-based learning are
  • Identifying the difference between gamification and serious games-based learning
  • The process of embarking on developing a games-based learning
  • How to become a Games Learning Designer
  • What the future is for games-based learning

Beautiful Quotes

  • To create a holistic understanding of any topic you need more practice and knowledge.
  • All play is inherently learning; most learning can benefit from play.

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