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About Anupam Gupta

Anupam Gupta is an experienced Chartered Accountant and a consultant in the stock markets based in Mumbai, India. He also hosts a podcast show called Paisa Vaisa, which in Hindi means “That Type of Money”. On the show, he talks to experts on personal finance. 

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About this Episode

Money is a word that strikes many emotions. It could be joy, fear, anger and quite often stress. It is something we handle every single day of our lives, in our online and offline shopping, in paying our bills to run our homes. It is the very reason we rise in the morning, dress up and commute to work.

Yet for many of us, money is such a difficult subject to talk about and can be likened to romantic relationships.

Why is it so difficult to talk about money? What can we do to have a healthy relationship with money?

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