Helping Rural Women Achieve their Dreams with Chetna Sinha

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About Chetna Sinha

Chetna Sinha is the founder of the Mann Deshi Bank – India’s largest rural bank – that helps rural women achieve their dreams. In this special interview, she shares stories about women not only fighting poverty, but seeking prosperity in rural India. When women become economically active, she says, the community prospers. 

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About this Episode

The banking and finance industry is a very complicated and intricate space. In rural parts of India, where resources are limited and are located far away from bustling cities– it’s challenging for women to save and get financial support with their hard earned money. Many of these women want a safe place to put their money. This is for emergencies but mostly to build a better future for themselves and their families. 

These women rose up to the challenges of India’s caste system by paving the way and fighting for their rights. After years of challenges… 

The Mann Deshi Bank was founded. The Mann Deshi Bank provides women with the business and financial knowledge, skills and support necessary to give them more control of their lives.

What were the challenges these women from rural India have gone through to attain financial literacy? How did they prevail over the challenges of discrimination?

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