Learning Across Generations

Raymond Thomas

Co-Founder of Enible

Founder of The Leadership Paradigm

As facilitators, trainers or educators, one of the most common challenges of today is to connect with audiences of a different generation, be it with the Boomers, Gen-X, or Millennials. Understanding where each generation is coming from and their preferences are key to successfully creating a learning environment designed specifically for them.

These generation gaps opens an opportunity for the facilitators to become more flexible and formulate specific techniques to cater to certain audiences.    

How can we engage an audience of a different generation than us? How do we adapt ourselves to facilitate learning for across the generations?

About Raymond Thomas

Raymond is the founder of The Leadership Paradigm and co-founder of Enible. He has tremendous experience in facilitating, instructing and educating across the generations. He is a process-oriented individual who focuses on training organization talents from various industries.

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • How the characteristics of each generation varies from one another
  • Recognising the different learning style  between Boomers, Gen-X and Millennials
  • How to interact with a generation-specific audience
  • Ways to get each generation involved in a classroom 
  • How to become an effective facilitator or trainer across the generation

Beautiful Quotes

  • Include diversity in all your interactions– No one size fits all solutions.
  • Be willing to adapt and learn. Always keep an open mind.
  • We’re always in a state of flux on how we move things ahead in terms of learning.


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