Learning Circles

Prashant Jain

Chief Architect of Learning Circles

CEO of Wiztango

Across many cultures, learning within groups has been the way to help individuals and communities learn and develop. Today, technology has proliferated in all levels of society. Unlike our ancestors, most of us carry a computer in our pockets.

How can we take advantage of technology to bring group learning to a new level?

About Prashant Jain

Prashant Jain or PJ is the founder of a digital facilitation company called Wiztango. He has started the Learning Circles movement in early 2017 and it has increasingly gained momentum in Singapore ever since. Listen to the history, motivation, passion and the success stories of learning circles from the pioneer himself. 

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • Understanding what Learning Circle is about and how it started in Singapore
  • The experience and expectations of a Learning Circle session and its experience
  • Learning about digital facilitation with the O2O: Offline to Online model
  • How to launch your own Learning Circle in the community– as an Adult Educator Entrepreneur
  • How the Wiztango platform works in relation to Learning Circles

Beautiful Quotes

  • Informal learning is the key to successful learning.
  • Convert your passion into a community-learning model.


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