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About Gina Romero

Gina is the CEO and Co-founder of Connected Women. She is a community builder who harnesses technology to drive the success of women entrepreneurs. Her mission is to enable more female entrepreneurs in APAC to startup and grow successful, profitable, purposeful businesses, regardless of their geographic location, race, education or financial standing.

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About this Episode

Communities are burgeoning everywhere. With the support of technology and globalisation, it seems all too easy to join and start a community. Communities play a powerful role in society. Social interaction among members facilitates learning by having discussions, expert sharing, Q&A, amongst others. Through communities, members are able to discuss, reflect, synthesis and contribute to the knowledge and experiences of the community.

However, participating in a community can take a lot of effort and time. While communities may start with good intention, some communities evolve and some become silent.

What does it take to start and keep a community going? How can communities help one’s learning?

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