Learning in AR & VR

King Coronel

Founder & CEO
Lumos Education Solutions

Games are an important learning tool. They provide immersive, interactive, and creative spaces for learners of all ages.

Learning technologists and educators are finding ways to harness AR and VR, or also known as augmented reality and virtual reality, to enhance learning experiences. With AR and VR technology becoming more accessible and affordable, the possibilities it can offer to learners and educators alike, are endless. In 2016, Pokemon Go, a mobile game with Augmented Reality (AR) technology made it big in the world. Today, Pokemon Go has 147 million active users monthly.

But is learning with AR and VR is as effective as we believe it to be?

 About King Coronel

King is the founder and CEO of Lumos Education Solutions, a tech startup company based in Singapore. He is also involved in investment, real estate and F&B. Lumos’ mission is to rekindle people’s passion for learning and is achieving this through innovations focused on AR & VR. 


In this episode, you will enjoy…


  • What motivated King to start Lumos Education Solutions
  • Identifying the differences between AR and VR
  • How educators could use AR or VR to simulate learning
  • What are the challenges of adopting AR or VR as a learning tool
  • Learning about the process of developing AR and VR solutions to organisations
  • What skills are required to become an AR or VR Developer
  • What the future of AR and VR would be like in the Education space


Beautiful Quotes

  • My ‘WHY’ is to uplift the quality of education, not only in the region, but developing countries as well.
  • Learners nowadays love technology. AR and VR provides immersive experience and helps students be more attentive in class.


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