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About Richard Maaghul

 Richard is the CEO of the on-demand education marketplace, ODEM, based in Switzerland. He is a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in emerging-and-disruptive technologies. A former software provider to Chevron Corp. and a co-founder of ODEM’s education partner Excelorators Inc., Richard is committed to using blockchain technology to make higher education more accessible and affordable.

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About this Episode

Many people call blockchain web 3.0, the future of the internet. Blockchain technology started in 2008, where an anonymous individual or group of individuals named Satoshi Nakamura, invented Bitcoin, which has the total value of over $1 trillion.

What is blockchain you might ask? Blockchain is a public electronic ledger, like a database, that creates an unchangeable record of transactions between users. Each digital record or transaction in the thread is called a block, and the string of blocks are a chain. Blockchain can only be updated by consensus between participants in the system. When new data is entered, it cannot be erased. This makes the chain a verifiable and unalterable string of records for every transaction ever made in the system.

The potential for blockchain technology has only just begun. Traditional tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM and SAP have invested in blockchain technology. Major industries, such as banking, real estate, travel and even social media are being disrupted by blockchain startups.

How will this take shape in education?

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