Learning with Videos with Saphira Idayu

Learning with Videos with Saphira Idayu

Leaders of Learning – presented by Ling Ling

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About Saphira Idayu

Saphira is a director for Electus Films, based in Singapore. She has been in the industry for over 6 years and has directed and produced a wide variety of films, including instructional videos. She worked her way up and hustled– even tried being the coffee-girl, before landing her own directing role.

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About this Episode

Videos are everywhere, it is one of the most accessible medium to provide visual and creative representations. They are used in marketing, entertainment and even instructional learning. Friends and family forward all sorts of videos over social media and chat apps, subsequently increasing video views up to millions within hours.

Experts and instructors use videos as the go-to medium in spreading their message. It is also now on the way to become a venue for personal and professional development. Video producers are now creating more interactive and even more enticing content to stand out from the rest.

But are instructional videos as effective as it seems? What does it take to create a professional and engaging instructional video?

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