Local to Global 

Meital Baruch

Intercultural Trainer and Founder of Global Mindset

With globalisation, it is inevitable that our society is increasingly diverse. Technology has enabled companies to operate virtually and in multiple countries. The improved mobility and accessibility has enabled the global workforce to fill talent gaps in far-flung places. Even so, the once homogeneous neighbourhood has welcomed Nepali security guards, Filipino nurses, Korean chefs and many others. The heterogeneity of a society or organisation can be a big advantage in our competitive world– only if it is harnessed well. 

Without a doubt, we need to learn how to adapt and navigate in our culturally diverse world. But where do we start? Do we need extensive travel experiences? Would it be different for a person from the West as opposed to a person from the East?


About Meital Baruch and Ling Ling

Meital Baruch is an organisational consultant, intercultural trainer, professional speaker and the founder of Global Mindset, a company that designs Intercultural learning programs and global leadership solutions to help organizations thrive in a culturally diverse world.


Ling Ling is a seasoned learning and development professional. She is the founder of Culture Spark Global and host of the Leaders of Learning Podcast. As an Intercultural Strategist, Ling Ling helps talents and organisations foster successful collaborations and build dispersed and cross-culture teams to ensure continued business success in a globalised environment.


In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • What makes the intercultural business fascinating
  • Learning about the stories and background of two intercultural professionals
  • Why is there a need to transition from Local to Global
  • Identifying the key reasons to be more globally competent
  • What challenges are commonly faced when learning to navigate an internationalised environment
  • How cross-cultural conflicts and incidents shaped a better intercultural learning
  • What does one need to consider to navigate cultural complexities more effectively

Beautiful Quotes

  • There is an unconscious influence that culture has on almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives and we usually don’t pay attention to it. We only get a chance to notice that influence when we work with people from different cultures. – Meital Baruch

  • We can’t just go fast and conquer the world– we need to slow down, think and reflect on how we want to approach it. What happens in the world today will have an impact locally, and what you do locally will have an impact globally. – LingLing

  • If you want to succeed globally, you have to adopt a new mindset– a global mindset. – Meital Baruch


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