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About Meital Baruch

Meital Baruch is an organisational consultant, intercultural trainer, professional speaker and the founder of Global Mindset, a company that designs Intercultural learning programs and global leadership solutions to help organizations thrive in a culturally diverse world.

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With globalisation, it is inevitable that our society is increasingly diverse. Technology has enabled companies to operate virtually and in multiple countries. The improved mobility and accessibility has enabled the global workforce to fill talent gaps in far-flung places. Even so, the once homogeneous neighbourhood has welcomed Nepali security guards, Filipino nurses, Korean chefs and many others. The heterogeneity of a society or organisation can be a big advantage in our competitive world– only if it is harnessed well. 

Without a doubt, we need to learn how to adapt and navigate in our culturally diverse world. But where do we start? Do we need extensive travel experiences? Would it be different for a person from the West as opposed to a person from the East?

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