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About Kay Vasey

Kay Vasey is the Chief Connecting Officer of MeshMinds, a creative technology studio based in Singapore. They specialise in blending the arts with Virtual and Augmented Reality that focuses on impactful, immersive and engaging experiences for environmentally responsible companies. Our mission is to drive awareness, start conversations and change the behaviour of people towards a sustainable future.

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About this Episode

When we think of art… artists, performers, musicians come to mind. Art is a product of expression. Its purpose is to make sense of our reality or to manifest the vision of the artist. 

When we think of technology… computers, smartphones and our modern gadgetry come to mind. Technology is invented to help solve our problems such as our ability to communicate, to travel, to improve healthcare and much more.

Art and Technology can seem so far apart, as if they can never be friends. But can they? What happens when we intersect art and technology?

When we mesh both together, can we harness this combination for the greater good?

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