Preparing for Succession

Rochelle Clarke

Global Strategist,

Founder of Succession Strength

Succession is a process. It’s not a matter of handing over a title, a bunch of documents or an entire department or business. When succession is done well, organizations become more resilient in changing times and employees become more united towards the long-term vision.

However, most businesses struggle to find the right successor. Or their selected successor might be unmotivated, incompetent or just never ready. 

So… what can we do to make a succession successful? What do we need to consider if we want to hand over a business or role to our successor?


About Rochelle Clarke

Rochelle is a global strategist and the founder of Succession Strength. She brings nearly 20 years of strategy experience to help business owners overcome barriers to smooth succession transitions.


In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • What does being a Succession Specialist mean
  • Why it is important for a business to prepare for succession
  • Identifying the reasons why corporations need to consider succession planning
  • Learning about what happens to businesses and organizations that didn’t prepare for succession
  • How to plan and prepare for a proper succession process
  • What the criteria is on choosing the potential successors in a business and what if the chosen successor doesn’t come through
  • An expert’s advice to listeners who are considering a succession plan for their business or organization 

Beautiful Quotes

  • In the corporate world, there’s no substitute for real experience, on the ground and within the role.
  • By voicing any hesitations on the succession, it gives the business or organization the opportunity to find a solution that still works for the benefit of all.

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