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About Teymoor Nabili

Teymoor is a veteran journalist and broadcaster, and CEO of a startup online news venture called “The Signal“. With a career spanning 30 years, Teymoor has covered news in more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas for various news channels such as Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN, CNBC, CNA and Channel 4 News.

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About this Episode

Asking questions can be powerful. Questions can help us gain knowledge, unlock insights, drive us to explore the unknown and many more. Asking the right kinds of questions is hard and it requires experience and skill. In an age of instant information, it is too easy and quick to find an answer, though, not necessarily the right one.

How do know what is the right question to ask? How would you know if the answer received the right one? Or an answer based on what you want to hear?

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