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About Chee Sze Yen

Sze-Yen is a Certified Master Coach and Career Coach, with over 14 years’ experience in delivering Coaching programs, as well as training and facilitating workshops. She has coached individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, across multiple industries. Prior experience in the corporate world included Headhunting, Business Development, Account Management and Marketing. She has published numerous articles with The Straits Times Recruit section since 2007, and most recently co-authored “The Exit Management Handbook”, “7 Secrets to Improving your Job Search” and “Accelerate Your Career”.

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About this Episode

For years, experts, researchers, leaders, and the media have talked about the fast-changing world we are living in. With the emergence of a younger and diverse workforce alongside technological advancement, experts believe that many will lose their jobs if nothing is done. 

With the unforeseen global crisis of COVID19, we may well lose even more jobs than previously forecasted. 

We cannot wait for governments and organisations to scramble for a solution. To survive our modern day challenges, we have to take charge of our careers. Yet, there are many questions left unanswered. 

What can we do to survive the hastened changes in the world? What will future jobs look like? How can we navigate through our complex career transitions?

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