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About Marcy Trent Long

Marcy Trent Long is the Host and Producer of the Sustainable Asia Podcast and Radio Hong Kong feature Trash Talk. 

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About this Episode

In 2015, United Nations made a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that everyone enjoys peace and prosperity by 2030. This call to action is called the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or also known as Global Goals.

The Global Goals consists of 17 areas that focuses on social, economic and environmental sustainability. These areas range from ending poverty to reducing inequality to quality education, responsible consumption and not forgetting climate action.

However, sustainable development issues in Asia differ from other continents. Asia has the largest middle class population compared to other continents and the numbers are rising. Greater spending power leads to consuming more resources than what is available and faster than what the earth can provide or replenish. If action is not taken soon, we will no longer live in a world that is able to sustain human life.

Each continent, each country, each person needs to do its part in achieving these goals. We in Asia are in a unique position to take the lead in solving many of these sustainability problems – and we don’t have much choice!  What can individuals and organisations do to create a sustainable world?

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