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About Dr Philip Merry

Dr Philip Merry, who specialises in helping organisations build High Performing Multi-Cultural Global Teams, and has over 30 years experience in this area as a trainer, speaker and coach with leading global organisations in 59 countries on 6 continents. His multi-disciplinary approach integrates latest research in Cultural Intelligence, Team Profiling, Intuitive Heart Coherence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Quantum Leadership.

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About this Episode

Some people say that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. For example, you and a colleague was discussing about an issue and you received a call from someone who provided an immediate solution. Or when you were on your way to an unfamiliar place and you bump into someone you know, who also introduces you to his/her network and opened doors of opportunity. Or when you used your gut instinct about a new hire and later found out that you were right. 

This is synchronicity, a complex phenomenon that hinders or supports. Research in quantum physics, biology, and psychology shows that we can connect with fields of energy that are literally “answers from the universe”. Being open to find answers from unexpected places. It may seem like a coincidence, but is it really? For a leader, harnessing synchronicity can be a mighty challenge but it can also be a great advantage. 

What is synchronicity? How can it support or hinder leadership? 

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