Taking a Stand for Inclusive Growth with Wendy Teleki

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About Wendy Teleki

Wendy Teleki is the head of Secretariat for the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) at the World Bank Group. We-Fi is a collaborative partnership among governments, multilateral development banks and other stakeholders. The Secretariat, which is housed in the Office of the World Bank CEO, is responsible for supporting the We-Fi Governing Committee in the allocation of a pool of $350 million and also undertaking advocacy, learning and evaluation focused on strengthening opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

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About this Episode

Women entrepreneurs have been emerging worldwide. They are starting to build up and bloom in business. Some organisations take a step further to support these women in propelling their creativity and boosting their knowledge about entrepreneurship and finance.

But what is needed most for aspiring women entrepreneurs are the right experiences, either in  roles, programs or projects that help them develop necessary entrepreneurial and financial skills. This will help prepare them for the global market. 

What opportunities are there for Women entrepreneurs in the business industry? What kind of support will We-Fi provide to these women?

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