Tao of Self Confidence

Sheena Yap Chan

Blogger, Consultant, Author, Speaker and

Podcaster for The Tao of Self Confidence

Self-confidence is hard to describe. It’s a feeling, it’s a believe. Self-confidence is what one needs move forward towards their goals, or manifest their dreams. For some, self-confidence seems natural. For others, it seems like a lifelong struggle. I can’t help but wonder…

Is self-confidence inherited as part of our DNA? Or can each of us develop it and grow it like a muscle? For those who wish to gain self-confidence, how can we do so?

About Sheena Yap Chan

Sheena is a Podcast host, and created the show, The Tao of Self-Confidence. She interviews women of Asian background about their inner journey to self-confidence. She has interviewed over 500 women about their struggles with self-confidence and how they have overcome that hurdle.  


In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • How Sheena defines self-confidence
  • Learning how to gain self-confidence
  • Recognising one’s ultimate purpose to be more confident
  • Identifying where we get our confidence from
  • What one should consider when embarking on the journey of self-confidence

Beautiful Quotes

  • Self-confidence is a lifelong journey. It’ll never stop growing. It’s always going to face challenges.  
  • Knowing that you can turn your passion into a career, makes us believe anything is possible.
  • There are days where you would be a 110% confident, and there days where you will be at -10%. But that’s okay because that’s life.


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