The Importance of Unlearning

Faiszah Abdul Hamid

Head of the Singapore Red Cross Academy

In our daily life and work, we function based on the mental models have learnt from past experiences and education. However, there may come a time where our mental models become outdated or even obsolete. In order to stay ahead, we need unlearn our old ways of thinking and functioning.

When we learn, we add new skills or knowledge into our current way thinking and doing. When we unlearn, we choose to step out of our old ways and adopt a different way of thinking, doing and behaving altogether.

The process of unlearning is challenging, yet how is it especially important in the humanitarian field?

About Faiszah Abdul Hamid

Faiszah is the Head of the Singapore Red Cross Academy. Since 2010, she has expanded the academy from providing first aid courses for staff and volunteers to the academy today that supports humanitarian education for the public and beyond. She strongly believes that unlearning is equally as important as learning.

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • Identifying the biggest difference between corporate learning and learning in the humanitarian space
  • What unlearning means in the humanitarian field
  • Understanding the main reason why people find it difficult to unlearn and how to help them “learn to unlearn”
  • Knowing what happens when people choose not to unlearn and what they stand to lose when they hold on to their beliefs
  • How to promote an unlearning attitude

Beautiful Quotes

  • As educators, we must demonstrate that knowledge does not end. There are always new things to learn. In order to absorb new things, we must unlearn old things.
  • The true purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open mind.

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