The Power of Speaking Up

Andrea Edwards 

The Digital Conversationalist

There is a cost to speaking up. History has shown, time and again, that speaking up can be life threatening. Iconic heroes, such as Gandhi, Mandela, Frida Kahlo, Malala and many others, shouted and fought for equality, freedom, justice, the truth and suffered for their cause. It requires courage, conviction and emotional strength to give a voice to causes that matter.

We keep silent because the dominant culture may punish in order to remain in power. Punishment can mean loss of job, ostracism, humiliation, imprisonment, torture and possibly death.  We may or may not face such extreme situations in our daily lives. But it used well, a small voice can bring about big changes in the world. 

How can we use our voice to speak about the issues that matter to us? What are the consequences of staying silent? 

About Andrea Edwards

Andrea is a globally award-winning B2B communications professional, a content marketing strategy pioneer, blogger, writer, and trainer/coach for businesses and professionals around the world. She is also known as the Digital Conversationalist.

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • What it means to be a digital conversationalist?
  • How speaking up defines your identity and your online brand
  • Why do people stop themselves from speaking up? 
  • How to overcome your fear in speaking up in public?
  • Professional advice on how to speak up confidently on the things that matter to you

Beautiful Quotes

  • The only way to become courageous is to be courageous.
  • Just put love and kindness out in the world. Our needs are all the same.
  • Find your community. Build your community. Support other people that you value and just be a decent human being.

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