Transforming Conversations

Don Rapley

Co-Founder of Transform Your Conversations

Having a conversation fulfils a basic human need to connect, to belong, to share, to grow and much more. Conversing is a skill we have been practicing over our entire lifetime, yet many times we take it for granted. Words spoken can have so much power. It can lift spirits or crush them. It can raise hope and instil inspiration, yet it can also destroy dreams and foster fear and negativity. So…

How can we ensure that our conversations help others to transform?

About Don Rapley

Don is the co-founder of the company, Transform your Conversations, which advocates for good quality conversations. He has always had a strong interest in helping people to learn and went to the training business.

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • Learning about the difference between ordinary conversations and transformative conversations
  • Recognising the important elements that make up a transformative conversation
  • Identifying the common mistakes are when engaging in a conversation
  • How conversations can help someone learn
  • How a good conversation looks like in a team environment
  • How an introvert could start a conversation and how an extrovert behaves during a conversation
  • Expert tips on approaching someone who is from a different culture to you

Beautiful Quotes

  • Conversation is not a one way process, it’s pretty much a dialogue between two people.
  • The prime purpose of listening is to understand the perspective of the other person.
  • In having a conversation–listen more and talk less.

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