What it takes to be an Entrepreneur

Goh Ai Yat

Trainer, Story teller, Artist and Entrepreneur

To stay ahead of the competition, one must take time to learn and grow in your role, your organisation and your industry. Interestingly enough, many entrepreneurs feel they don’t have time for continuous learning, citing too much to do for a one-person operation or a small team.

Just like exercise, continuous learning helps entrepreneurs to maintain the sharpness of their minds, to keep abreast with the trends and to stay ahead of the curve.

How can an entrepreneurs continue to learn and grow amidst a busy schedule?

About Goh Ai Yat

Ai Yat is a former senior banker and management consultant. Today, she calls herself a trainer, a storyteller, an artist, and an entrepreneur.

In this episode, you will enjoy…

  • The programs Ai Yat offers to entrepreneurs
  • Learning about the challenges of aspiring entrepreneurs from a professional’s point of view
  • Why it’s important for entrepreneurs to learn the ins and outs of starting a business and sustaining it
  • What key skills and knowledge should an entrepreneur have to thrive, to help them be prepared and be successful in starting up their business
  • Identifying the biggest roadblocks for entrepreneurs to become successful
  • What are the factors that support the entrepreneurs to succeed
  • The important knowledge and skills an entrepreneur needs to acquire in the foreseeable future–looking at 5 to 7 years from now
  • Professional’s advice to those who want to become entrepreneurs and start their own business

Beautiful Quotes

  • Many people want to become entrepreneurs. The essence of it is thinking up the business.
  • If you have the knowledge of what you are getting into, you will reduce the risk in getting into business.
  • You need to understand the “why” when you start your business. It can be a lonely process. Sometimes, you may not get the support you need. You must be able to stand and say the reason “why” you started this.

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