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Ling Ling, Tai

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Welcome to the Leaders of Learning podcast!

Before we begin… I’d like to wish you…. Happy New Year! I know, I know…  it’s been more than a month into the new year… or you can also say the new decade of 2020. 

What are your goals? What are your dreams? What do you wish to manifest in this new year or decade?

Well, I hope this podcast show will help get you there. We’ve got a fantastic line of guests coming up in Season 5, with topics from the 4th Industrial Revolution to harnessing conflict  to synchronicity and much much more.

Have a listen to a few great snippets from the upcoming season.

About Ling Ling

Ling Ling is seasoned learning and development professional. For over a decade, she has designed, delivered and implemented learning initiatives in 21 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and USA in manufacturing, consumer electronics, education and travel. Her dual background in psychology and engineering bridges the complexities of human behaviour and the fast-paced changes of technology in a globalised world. 

As an Interculturalist, Ling Ling helps talents and organisations foster successful collaborations in virtual and cross-culture teams to ensure continued business success in a globalised environment.

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